About Virginia Herrick

Virginia has been making up stories for fun since she was a skinny, shy kid with straight hair down to her waist. She’s now less shy, less skinny, and has shorter hair. However, she still loves fantasy novels, other novels, other books, the beach, the woods, animals, birds of prey, and thinking, writing, and talking about how to make the world better.

Most of her waking hours, Virginia is reading and writing: emails, blog posts, news, social media, magazine articles, book reviews, and – oh, yeah! – stories! Often when she’s reading and writing, she has a dog at her feet and a cat cruising back and forth between her and her monitor and/or book. This is not VMousie13 (2)convenient. It is not efficient. But it is the way she rolls.

Speaking of rolling, she also trains in Aikido a good chunk of her other waking hours. Aikido is a “peaceful” martial art. In theory it’s a bit like Tai Chi, which you sometimes see people doing in parks and on beaches. Slowly. Meditatively. In practice, Aikido is nothing like that. There’s a lot of lunging, punching, falling down, and putting people in shoulder locks. When she does it right, the punches never land, the pins are nice stretches, and Virginia ends up laughing a lot.

She has been a babysitter, secretary, hair stylist, pet groomer, lobbyist, newspaper reporter, and newspaper editor. Now she edits and reviews books and short stories, and writes poems, short stories and as-yet-unpublished novels. (Stay tuned!) Several years ago, Virginia fostered more than fifty cats and kittens over a period of three summers and is very proud that she only kept one! Her two mostly-grown kids help around the house without being asked. It’s weird.

A member of the Bellingham Friends (Quaker) Meeting in Washington state, Virginia lives with her sometime-sailor husband, Mark, a black cat named Sinbad, and a miniature schnauzer named Espy. She may foster more kittens. If Espy will promise not to chase them. Okay, Espy? … Espy?

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