Free the Unicorns

Halloween Kitty


“Here, kitty-kitty!” Taylor called. He leaned out the front door.

He’d never seen the tiny black cat before it sneaked across his shadowy front yard. But he knew little cats should not be out Halloween night.

He looked behind him. Golden light and yummy smells poured from the kitchen. Mom was making pie.

Taylor slipped out, leaving the door ajar. He held out a candy corn. “Here, kitty!”


Tires squealed. Headlights blinded Taylor. Squinting, he saw a monster-sized cat blocking the street!

“What the–?” the driver yelled.

Taylor rubbed his eyes – and the little cat shot past, into his house!

“O.M.G.,” Taylor whispered, a huge grin spreading over his face. “This is going to be the best Halloween EVER!”

Second Sight

© Can Stock mtilghmaOnce as I stood by a lake

just as the sun was sinking,

I saw a reflection of light, like a blue-white star winking,

deep in the forest that loomed o’er the shore.

Then the sun sank,

and the light winked no more.

And though I stayed ‘til the coming of morn,

I never saw more

Than the light off the horn

of what

I am sure,

was a unicorn.

~Virginia Herrick

© Can Stock Photo / mtilghma

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